Lamb Bites Limited Ingredient Treats


Limited Ingredient Lamb Bites, for those Carnivores in your household!



So, you have a dog who does not like vegetables, or is leery of trying them? Start them off with our limited ingredient Lamb bites. Made with 3 ingredients!! Now that’s what I call limited.  Garbanzo beans, Lamb and spaghetti squash. (Yes, we squeezed some veggies in there)

Spaghetti squash is very high in beta carotene, which is very beneficial to eyesight!

Did you know that lamb is one of the best and nutritious meats for dogs? Lamb is an optimal source of protein, infused with the essential amino acids dogs need to stay active and healthy!

One of the biggest benefits of feeding lamb to your dog is that it is a good source of zinc, a mineral that affects many fundamental processes, including that of immune functioning.

Zinc is critical not only to immune function, but is essential in wound healing, as well as for normal cell division. Zinc also helps dogs stabilize their blood sugar levels and their body’s metabolic rate, and is necessary for an optimal sense of smell!

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