Acleon is a Korean anti acne seboderm solution. It helps clear blemishes, repair the skin barrier, and hydration in dermis calming. Instructions for use is to use once or twice a day, place three to five drops onto your hand. Using your fingertips, apply to the areas that are acne prone or dehydrated skin. For precaution, it said to keep out of eye contact, for external use only, and to keep out of reach of children.

The packaging is elegant and the coloring design makes it look like a high quality product. The serum comes in a dropper bottle, making it super easy to dispense the correct amount. The serum itself is a lot thicker than other liquid serums, so it’s easier to get the three drops out without waste. My mother and I both tried this serum, she used it for her dry skin and I used it for my acne. We both agreed on how well it moisturized our skin and how easy it was to apply.

My experience alone was quite different than my mother’s considering I have very sensitive skin. I usually have a reaction to many acne products. When applying Acleon Seboderm Solution, I had no problems with it all. It didn’t feel heavy on my face and worked pretty quickly considering how little time I used it for. It didn’t feel thick or sticky on my face while applying it; it feels like what you would think a serum should feel like and not greasy at all. I used only 3 drops which was plenty, I really do not see the need for any more than that since it smooths across your skin so well. Acleon Seboderm Solution is for all skin types which is great for all those sensitive skin types around the world. I really do recommend this product for anyone who has dry skin or acne.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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