Getting the chance to do a review for Evangers left my dogs drooling!  They are spoiled as it is, but add in the foods that Evangers creates and you have a happy dog.  The First item is the hi-bio, Nutrient Rich, 85% Meat, semi-dried food.  Although the bag was small and my 3 dogs had to share, they were still pleased.  I love this food because of the ingredients. With the first ingredients being Chicken, chicken heart, liver, sweet potato, chia seeds and kale, this is right up my alley!  Hi-Bio™ from Evanger’s is a new generation “Super Food” for dogs that combines the benefits of raw food, the convenience of kibble, and the deliciousness of real meat!

IMG_20151028_171612591 Evangers Signature

Another great line of products from Evangers is their Signature line of slow cooked stews.  With chunks of meat and vegetables you can see, your family may think it’s for them! I love to add this as a topper to my dog’s food especially in the summer when they need the additional hydration. This comes in 4 different flavors: Turkey, Chicken, Beef and Lamb.

IMG_20151024_190904355 (1) Hand packed

Even though my dogs did not turn their noses up at any of this food, I think the Grain Free Hand Packed foods were their favorite. From whole drummets to whole sardines these are cooked with a process to soften the bones so they are edible and no longer pose risk of splintering.  Although some of these like the drummets are not suitable for small dogs. These foods are made with market fresh vegetables along with the nice fresh chunks of meaty goodness.  They even make the sardines for your kitty! that is the perfect match.

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