This time of year I am forever looking for the best solution to a problem. Dog Hair. My 2 Malamute Hybrids shed small dogs everywhere they go. When I was offered the opportunity to review the Glandex Fur Bliss Long Hair Brush, I couldn’t wait to get it. I have tried de-shedding brushes, but have yet to find one that works well with my dogs. I have also had the groomer de-shed my monsters. Unfortunately, Ares has such sensitive skin that there were spots where he was bleeding when the groomer was finished.

I love the fact that it is a medical grade silicone brush. Unlike other brushes with metal or steel bristles this brush will not harm dogs with sensitive skin. This brush is multipurpose, which is a space saving benefit This silicone brush can be used for bathing to help get through that thick fur.

Use top of brush to gently massage & brush pet.
Can be used in multiple brushing motions.
Backside of brush can be used for de-shedding & removal of fur & lint from clothing & furniture.
To clean, simply run under warm water or place in dishwasher or washing machine.

It was a beautiful day when I received this brush so I took to the outdoors to try it out. My dogs don’t really care for being brushed, so they attempted to play keep away from mom. Eros doesn’t care as long as he gets attention, but he’s not one of the hairy ones. Regardless, I started brushing him first (my dogs are full of jealousy, so one was bound to come back to me). I could not believe the amount of hair and dander coming off of my short haired dog!! It was quite a sight!

As I know her very well, jealous Aura came back to me (how dare I pay attention to Eros!). I seized my opportunity and started running the brush over her thick, shedding coat. The hair was everywhere, flying through the air, on me.. but coming off of Aura! The brush worked great, but there was only so much hair it could hang onto. Yet, unlike my slicker brush that gets full and you have to clean the hair out to make anymore progress. The Fur Bliss Long Hair Brush continued to take the hair off!

Fur Bliss Long Hair Brush

Aura looked like she was getting a heavenly massage as well. Even when she wanted to go back inside all I had to do was call her name and she immediately came back for more brushing. Before I knew it I had a grocery store bag full of dog hair!

My Thoughts

This is an impressive brush for me, although a little messy, but when you’re dealing with shedding dogs it’s going to be messy. I am just glad to keep that mess contained! The fact that my dogs seemed to enjoy being brushed by the Fur Bliss Long Hair Brush is a huge plus. That means I can send my kids to brush the dogs and they can’t tell me the dog won’t let them!!

You can find this awesome brush in multiple sizes at

I received this item free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.


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