Another Fun toy from Go Dog??? Yes these are Furballz!  Fits right? These plush balls of fur come in two different sizes, one for small dogs and another for larger dogs.  Furballz also come in a variety of fun bright colors! The smaller toy has a squeaker, and the larger (like the one we have for our bigger dogs) has a grunter.  These Furballz are great for those pups who cannot handle having limbs attached to their toys!

Go Dog Furballz

I love the bright colors and the large Furballz are about the size of a child’s size basketball, which is pretty impressive! My dogs love to play ball, so add a squeaker and of course Chew Guard Technology and you’ve got a fun toy!

What did I just say? Chew Guard Technology? Yes, these toys are amazing, before I was introduced to the Quaker Pet Group a squeaker wouldn’t last 10 minutes in the paws of my furbabies.  After they got a hold of a toy you would turn back around to see a pile of snow, bits of toy… and a squeaker.

Chew Guard technology is a manufacturing process that adds a super tough, durable liner to the toy making it stand up to even the toughest play! Although they are not indestructible, they are guaranteed to last  longer than regular plush toys or they will give you a one-time replacement.  This guarantee is valid for 30 days from purchase.

These toys can be found at Petco, PetSmart and of course on Amazon!

This product was received free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion!

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