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Top 6 Products for your Senior Dog

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Uncategorized

Aura our Senior Quality Control Analyst Turned the BIG 1-3 12/26/2021! She still runs and jumps and plays like a champ, but she’s also grown so much calmer and well behaved in her old age. We all love our dogs like family, so when they do start aging, we want to do whatever we can to help them continue to have a great quality of life. Our dog’s adore us and many times they will not show their pain and discomfort. I keep a close eye on how my dog’s carry themselves, I can notice right away if someone is a little stiff. I have Gathered 6 great items to have for your Senior dog.

#1 Begables Joint Health Dog Treats- These tasty treats are make with Salmon Oil, Organic Turmeric and MSM to help with pain, inflammation and to help rebuild tissue. I would recommend starting the treats early on to help prevent the onset of arthritis.

#2 Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Bed is the Top Rated Pet Bed on Amazon

#3 Paw Friction anti slip Paw Grip. PawFriction is a revolutionary paw pad coating system that increases traction, improves stability and enhances your dog’s quality of life.

#4 Toozey Pet Heating Pad helps ease joint pressure and pain of older, arthritic pets. This heating pad is highly rated on Amazon.

#5 Begables CBD Treats or CBD Drops. CBD oil can be used to treat seizures, anxiety, nausea, gastro-intestinal issues, and arthritic pain. Did you know dogs get age-related anxiety? Whether it is a result of dementia, or fear resulting from hearing loss, or pain, you may find your senior dog suddenly barking at nothing

#6 GoHORA Portable Dog Steps. These come in super handy when loading your older dog into a vehicle. Amazon has a huge variety of steps and ramps for vehicles as well as for beds and couches in the house.

Every day Aura amazes me. If we could keep our dogs forever, it wouldn’t be long enough.


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