Loving Pets is a great company with many pet products to choose from.  Loving pets has a fun line of pet bowls called Dolce Diner.  All Dolce diners and dishes feature removable, bacteria resistant stainless steel bowls in durable plastic or rubber bases. All Dolce bowls include removable skid-free rubber feet or rings (except for the all-rubber base Dolce Flex Diner) to help ensure quiet, spill-free dining. Dolce Double Diners and Dishes are available in a variety of shapes /styles and colors to match any décor. All Dolce products are dishwasher safe (remove rubber feet or rings first!).

Wicker dolce bowl

This Dolce Double Wicker Diner has the upscale look of wicker, but a whole lot easier to keep clean. The entire piece is machine washable, but the bowls also easily come out (since you’ll probably wash them more often).  The Wicker Double Diner comes in 2 different sizes, the small size has 15 oz bowls and the medium has 28 oz bowls. They also come in your choice of black, brown or white.

Dulce Diners IMG_20160510_152238904

Looking for something more fun and colorful? Look no further, the Osso Dolce Double Diner comes in fun Biscuit and Fish shapes in a beautiful purple or aqua color! The Fish shape has 1/2 pint size bowls. The Biscuit shape however comes in 2 different sizes small with 15 oz bowls and the medium with 28 oz bowls.

Dulce Diner IMG_20160510_152914494 IMG_20160510_152923403

Or if you want something a little more plain with a touch of color that also hold the bowl in place! The Clip on Dolce Dish is the right choice! These are nice stainless steel dishes with removable transparent clip on plastic ring and removable skid-free / low noise rubber base. I always hated it when the dog was trying to eat out of their stainless steel bowl and it’s either banging into the wall or you can hear it sliding around the floor. These are also great if you have bigger sizes because they come in small, medium and large! You have options of blue or pink for the rubber base too.

Unfortunately you cannot find these items on Loving Pets website, but you can find them all on Amazon!

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