Happy New Year!

Many people choose the new year to turn over a new leaf and better their lives in some way.  Health is one of the biggest new years resolutions out there.  While we are focusing on Losing weight, quitting smoking of eating cleaner, who is making a New Year’s resolution for our pets?

Because our pets cannot make these choices for themselves it is up to us to improve our pet’s health.  Eating more natural foods, getting more exercise, losing some of the extra pounds.  Sounds like they need to join in our resolutions right beside us.

Begables is here for you to help guide you in the right direction and start feeding your dog a treat that is not full of ingredients you cannot figure out, preservatives and unhealthy fillers.

Begables All Natural dog treats have ingredients that have been meticulously researched to provide health benefits for your beloved dogs while giving them a treat they enjoy.

We bake our homemade dog treats with a base of Garbanzo Bean flour because this provides the protein dogs need, all ingredients in our limited ingredient treats provide a health benefit.

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Don’t They deserve the best?

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