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We never want to see our fur babies uncomfortable or in pain. Unfortunately, as they age like us, they are more likely to have joint pain and stiffness.

Ares my 105 pound baby is now 8 years old and I can tell he has some pain in his shoulders. He takes CBD everyday to manage it and I add in salmon oil and organic turmeric to his dinner to help fight inflamation.

My husband and I just got back from our 10 day trip to Lake Havesu where we participated in the Winterfest and Rockabilly Reunion events. When we head out, we take Aura, our 10 year old floof with us, leaving the other 2 home with my son. We did not realize that Ares would not get the exercise he needs daily without his sister there. Ares only plays with Aura, not with our younger pup Eros. So, when we came home we instantly noticed that Ares was in pain. Stiff, and shaking from lack of exercise. As you could imagine, these pups are my babies so it was devastating to see him like that.

I had received Pawmedica Canine Mobility + with hemp. I figured it was the best time to start giving this supplement. He’s now been taking it for a few days and although I cannot tell a difference (he is still taking his CBD, which is a huge factor in his pain relief, and back to multiple daily walks)I do know that it has great ingredients. Packed with the essentials for joint care, such as, glucosamine, MSM, organic Turmeric, as well as organic hemp seed oil (not to be confused with CBD oil). They also love the duck/chicken flavoring.

Pawmedica Canine Mobility + with Hemp contains 120 soft chews. These last about 1 month for 1 large dog (like Ares) or up to 4 months for the small pups.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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