Snowball or Snowflake as I often call him *aka Satan* is our only kitty in a house full of dogs.  He came to us through my sister in law who was unable to keep him, he is now my 14 year old son’s pet and video game buddy.

Why the Satan nick name? Well, when he first came to stay with us we put the baby gate at the Laundry room doorway to keep a space where the dogs wouldn’t be sticking their noses at him trying to get him to run so they could chase him.  One day I was doing laundry and Ares, my 85 pound baby wanted to come check out the kitty… Mister snowball had enough, he flew over the gate at the dog… Ares was afraid of the cat for weeks.  Now Satan.. I mean Snowball goes where he pleases in the house and the dogs are afraid to cross him.

Now being our only kitty, Snowball has exclusivity to all of our kitty reviews, unless he’s not interested, then they go to my mom’s kitties!

This review was a fun one for me and all the pets.  The Pet Links Mystery Motion Cat toy.  When I finally put batteries in I couldn’t wait to try it out, so I placed it on the floor downstairs to see how it worked.  My dogs gathered with their ears perked. Ares is the watcher, he likes to watch the other dogs get crazy, Eros was the first one to come check out the Mystery Motion cat toy. He watched it go around and around and stuck his nose under the material to get a better angle! Aura got a little carried away and attacked the whole toy getting the feather a little slobbery, that’s when I figured I better turn it off and take it away from the dogs before it became a search and destroy mission.

I will have to upload the videos to Facebook since I cannot get them to go into this post.

Finally, I took the Mystery Motion upstairs to my son’s room (because of course that’s where I would find Snowflake). This big fluffy kitty was just sprawled out on his back, relaxing. I set up the toy and turned it on, it has several different settings (slow, medium, fast and random) I like random because it’s well, random! He lay there and stared at it for a bit, then got close like he was stalking the prey.  Then he started chasing and jumping at it!

I love this toy! And frankly, so do my pets.  And for those of us who are lazy busy, this entertains your pet all at the press of a button.  The feather that goes around that my dog tried to eat, yeah they’re replaceable. So, when killer instinct sets in you don’t have a destroyed toy!

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