Calming Salmon Liver CBD Treats

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CBD Treats your dog or cat will beg for. Packed full of fresh Salmon and Chicken Liver these will leave your pet looking for crumbs!


Did you know that if your dog is struggling with chronic problems, they might find CBD to be incredibly beneficial?

CBD is a potent antioxidant that’s shown to be more powerful than vitamins C and E. Most CBD oil for dogs is derived from hemp oil, so it contains negligible amounts of THC. Because of this, all 50 states have approved the use of hemp-based CBD for human and animal products.

CBD has been know to help anxiety, pain, inflammation, joints, mobility, old age, appetite, nausea, seizures and more!

Not all CBD is created equal and we are all about quality! Your pet deserves a 100% organic full-spectrum CBD treat that contains cannabanoids, terpenes, and flavanoids.

Salmon and Chicken Liver. These are some of the favorite flavors of our furry family. We stick to limited ingredients that are great for your dog.

NO fillers, NO grains, NO wheat, NO soy, NO KIDDING!!

Always full of beneficial ingredients and no fillers.

All of our treats are dehydrated so we do not cook out all the great nutrients! Our Treats are shelf stable for 4 months even longer if refrigerated or frozen!!

Each treat contains 4 MG of Full Spectrum CBD Our Bites contain 1 MG for your smaller pets.

Garbanzo Beans, Salmon, Coconut Oil, Chicken Liver, Flax Seed, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Chamomile.


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2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 1lb


4MG treats, 1MG Bites

4 reviews for Calming Salmon Liver CBD Treats

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Based on 4 reviews
  1. JIM (verified owner)

    Schnauzer loves these!

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  2. Lana Wright (verified owner)

    Only a 3 because this is our 2nd time trying them, without putting them in the freezer. 🙂

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  3. Lindy Engle (verified owner)

    Hands down best CBD calming treats we have ever found! Thank goodness for the Strawberry/ Pine craft show! Thank goodness for these, especially with 4th of July tomorrow! Daisy says they are DEELICIOUS!! Pawfect treat if she could say so herself.

    Image #1 from Lindy Engle
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  4. Lana Wright-Dodd (verified owner)

    I don’t really give 5 stars for anything. These are really good though. My dog likes them & they help calm him. The only down side is it usually takes about an hour before they start to work. Which in some cases that’s fine… aka 4th of July, because we know when that’s coming. But storms & just random loud noises we have to watch him for the first hour before it kicks in. All & all though, I like them.

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