Dog or Cat Front Pack Carrier


With a pet carrier front pack, it will be easier for you to take care of your pet while hiking, travel, cycling, walking. Great for those small or older dogs that cannot keep up.

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Do you have an elderly pup who loves to GO but can’t handle it physically, or even small pups who just love to be carried but want to see it all! These front pack carriers are great to transport your small dogs on walks in the park or bike rides around town, the front pack Carrier features a legs-out design. Dogs love it! They’re secured in front of you in the carrier with a tether to a harness, enjoying the view.


Small- around 5lbs

Medium- around 10lbs

Large- around 15lbs

X-Large- around 20lbs

1. New and high quality dog carrier bag.
2. Durable and washable.
3. Open top pet pouch carrier with legs out design.
4. Easy-access side zips, elastic top closure, breathable mesh fabric provides comfortable padding for you and your pet.
5. Fully adjustable straps, with internal leash attachment.
6. It can be worn on your front or back. When you carry a cat or dog, leg extension and tail design ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable.
Material: Polyester
Color: Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Navy, Tan
Size: Length * Width Chest Back Weight
S 11.02*7.08in within11.81in 9.84-11.02in within 5.5 lbs
M 12.59*7.87in 9.84-16.92in 11.41-13.38in 6-8 lbs
L 14.96*9.05in 14.17-19.68in 12.2-14.96in 8-14.5 lbs
XL 16.14*9.84in 16.92-25.59in 15.35-16.92in 12-20 lbs

Additional information

Weight6 oz
Dimensions11 × 8 × 17 in

Pink, Blue, Red, Dark Pink, Blue, Black, Teal, Purple


Small, Medium, Large, X Large

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