I always strive to feed my dogs the best foods out there and yet sometimes they still need a little bit more, back when I first got my beautiful furbabies I was not as savvy as I am today and was not aware of probiotic supplements for dogs. About 6 years ago when we brought Ares home (to help calm down Aura with a new friend) we fought with his diet. He had constant tummy trouble and looked like a sickly, too skinny puppy. He had almost constant diarrhea, and the vet did not have an answer for us. Finally after trying many different avenues, we found he had a sensitivity to chicken. After changing his food to Bison his tummy problems had cleared up.

Now years later we have our rescue Eros who has sporadic tummy issues (this may be due to spending time in my daughter’s room where he may be finding extra snacks).

Profivex Clinical Strength Probiotic Supplement for Dogs and Cats

I had the opportunity to try out Profivex which is a Clinical Strength probiotic supplement for dogs and cats. The Profivex is a great probiotic made in the USAwith five strains and five billion CFUs per scoop! These are also made with great limited ingredients including pork liver and sweet potato.

I really like that this is a powder instead of a pill or chewable because it is super easy to just mix in with their food. Sometimes if the dogs know it’s a supplement they don’t want to eat it, at least that’s how it seems and I have had to have my dog swallow chewable tablets before because they will not take them. The added pork liver powder makes this very palatable for the dogs and the sweet potato powder adds extra fiber.

Even if your dog does not have tummy troubles, probiotics can be a healthy part of their diet. You can find Profivex at Doctor Fosters and Smith.

I got this product for free/at a discount in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own.

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