Quick Bath for Cats

I recently had the opportunity to try out Quick Bath for cats. The cat  that was my test subject is over 15 years old and not able to clean himself as well his he once did. He tends to get a greasy feeling on top of his head and along his back where he really can’t reach any longer. Brushing helps but never gets rid of the oily feeling.

Quick bath sheets
The quick Bath Wipes come in a resealable pouch containing 10 -5 by 10 inch pre-moistened wipes. They are very thick and strong. The pre moistened wipes have a very pleasant scent. I proceeded to massage the cat with the wipes and he didn’t seem to mind it too much.

Bathing Kitty
I only used one wipe and did not completely clean my cat from head to toe as his problem areas were what I was concerned with. You could possibly use two wipes cleaning a cat more thoroughly. My cat’s fur dried quickly and he was clean and pleasant smelling afterwards.
I definitely recommend Quick Bath Wipes for your cat.

Quick bath for dogs

Quick bath isn’t only for cats, but for dogs too! Need a quick clean in between grooming visits? The bath wipes are perfect for that! The Tushee wipes are great for long haired dogs or those bouts of diarrhea that can get messy.

That’s not it though, Quick Bath also has dog shampoos!  We received the Herbal and the Odor Control. We used the Herbal shampoo on both Aura and Ares our Malamutes. The Shampoo is nice and thick, I cannot however distinguish the scent, so herbal sounds right! I have never seen that much hair come off of them, I’m not sure if it was truly the shampoo, but my yard looked like it had snowed, in 110 degrees!! We used the Odor Control shampoo on our stinky dog Eros, it must be just the different chemistry in his body or something because he always stinks.  My others dogs don’t even have the dog smell. With Eros we have tried multiple shampoos to help with his stench, but it always seems that the next day he smalls again.  Unfortunately I can’t say that this one was the miracle cure.  The stench won again…

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