Our dogs are always super excited to get new toys, something about that new toy smell.  Sometimes us dog lovers tend to not have enough time for our kitties or seem to ignore them a little, but when we sit down for the evening to relax, here comes the fluffy kitty to make himself comfortable and demand pets… then bite you.

We have learned that our kitty Snowball only wants to play with a toy if it’s filled with catnip… So the new toys that were not filled with the almighty catnip took a trip home with my mom.  She has 3 kitties and well come to think of it, it’s all my fault.

Kimmee is my mom’s Siamese. I took my mom to pick her out when she lost her other Siamese Meetoo a kitty I grew up with!

Feather whirl

Kimmee was very interested in the Feather Whirl cat toy from Smartycat.  Even though she is 15 years old, she still has some spunk in her.  She spent about 20 minutes playing with this electronic toy!

Feather Whirl

SmartyKat’s Feather Whirl is perfect because all you have to do is push a button and it spins back and forth to entertain your cat!! The ball on the bottom makes it so if the cat knocks it over it pops right back up.


If you have a cat who’s a little rougher on toys and are afraid they may just tear the feather off the end, don’t fret, they have replacement wants you can purchase!  They even have different ends to them if you want to go a different route from the feather.

You can find the Electronic Feather Whirl and it’s replacement wands on Amazon and is some National Pet Chains.


The other toy Kimmee got to play with was the SmartyKat Whistle wand.  With this cute little wand toy you can spend some quality time with kitty and watch them as they go fishing! As you wave the wand you can hear the whistling noise it makes to further the curiosity of your cat!

Whistle Wand0612160837a

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