Did you know you should brush your pet’s teeth daily? If you do then I commend you.  This is such a hard thing especially when you have large dogs who don’t want their teeth brushed.

Whimzees has a fun and easy way for your dogs to brush their own teeth!!


We received a variety of sizes of Whimzees and tried out the large size (since our dogs are large) the large Whimzees are for dogs 40-60 pounds which my boy in the picture is 85 pounds and it took him about 15 minutes to finish brushing his teeth with this dental chew.


They not only have the cute toothbrush shapes but also a hedgehog and an alligator.  They all have spiky nubs to get in between teeth.  Of course you will probably not notice a big difference the first time you give them a dental chew, and you should still keep a good eye on their teeth, but this is a great product to help remove tartar and plaque as they chew.


I love how these toothbrush handles are shaped making it easy for the dogs to hold them while chewing on these (as you can see Ares is easily holding his toothbrush between his paws)!

Whimzees are made with all natural Gluten-Free Ingredients. Even the coloring is natural:

  • ALFALFA EXTRACT For Vitamins K, C and six Bs, beta-carotene – our all-natural green color.
  • ANNATTO EXTRACT Rich source of antioxidants, from the Annatto fruit – our all-natural orange color.
  • MALT EXTRACT Enhances natural flavor – our all-natural brown color.
  • CALCIUM CARBONATE Helps reduce the risk of tooth decay, and helps maintain strong, healthy bones – our all-natural white color. (Toothbrush XL only)

You can find Whimzees at local and National pet food chains or online at Amazon.

Check out Whimzees on their social media platforms and learn more!





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